Docurated Analyzes “An Expert Guide to Sales Funnel Management”

Docurated1By Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier, Featured Expert & CEO, EXCEL LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS – Posted on November 19, 2014

When it comes to sales funnel management, should you build relationships with prospects or look for smart ways to use social channels for lead conversion? Should you focus on pulling leads through the funnel or flex as prospects enter in at different points in the process?  Should we stick with the way we’ve done it before or change our approach? The best answer may be “yes.” Here is my advice for sales funnel management…

  • Sales and marketing.
  • Focused and flexible.
  • Continuity and change.

Paradox thinking is “and” thinking. It enables balanced management of interdependent and seemingly conflicting objectives toward a singular goal or aim. Adopting an appreciation for paradox can be the “fix” for your sales funnel management mistakes.

As complexity grows, so does the need for paradox thinking. And today’s world is indeed complex. Today’s customer is frustrated, fearful, and forgetful. There is simply too much! So, you need to engage them in the experience from the very start, after they buy, and when they are in conversations with others. Below are but a few of the key paradoxes in sales funnel management.

Sales and Marketing.

Be engaging and relevant as you choose which social networks and tools are best fit to guide prospects through the funnel. For example, millennials are always online, yet traditionalists are not. Make it easy for both of them to reach you in personally attentive ways. Then, put on the charm and solve their problem with your product or service.

Focused and Flexible.

The sales funnel is still a valid focusing tool for sales and marketing professionals, yet being flexible and acknowledging prospects enter at any point is critical. So, shape your funnel to capture the spontaneity.

Continuity and Change.

Testing everything (even ideas) and often will indicate when it is time to hold or make a change in your approach.