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Rock Your World with Paradox Thinking

Stability and Change in Your Organization

Organizational Transformation

Meet Deb

Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier, president and CEO at Excel Leadership Solutions has been Head of Strategy for UniGroup; Partner with The Clarion Group; Senior Vice President of Global Solutions for Right Management; Global Director of Organization Development for Ingersoll Rand; and Senior Consultant for Boeing.

She is a results-driven executive with a Ph.D. in management. She has devoted her career of more than 25 years to partnering with CEOs and top leaders to clarify focus and accelerate the pursuit of critical market, business, and leadership priorities. Her work with a variety of Fortune 500 companies has been centered on collaborative and integrative approaches that solve problems.

Real Leaders inspire vision, engage teamwork, and enable action - then go on to change the world.



How do you focus the organization in an increasingly competitive environment? How does leadership identify and clarify key business strategy? How do you communicate a focused vision throughout the organization?



How do you align actions at all levels? How do organizations plan for transition, develop action plans, and allocate resources? How do you ensure leadership sets measurable, achievable targets and is accountable for business results?



How do you engage people at every level to share the vision and perform the actions required to deliver results? How do you engage customers and empower teams? How do organizations engage leaders to retain talent?



How do you integrate strategy, process, technology and people to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve business targets? How do successful companies sustain excellence? How do you create a winning team?

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